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Helmet -- Kansas City, MO -- October 25th, 2011

Role Model
So Long
Exactly What You Wanted
Welcome To Algiers
See You Dead
White City
Birth Defect
In Person
She's Lost
Wilmas Rainbow
In The Meantime

Manks absolutely made my day posting that Helmet was going to be @ tiny Riot Room in KC (sign says it holds 240). Not sure who the other 2 openers were and frankly was not all that concerned who they were. Helmet was my reason for being there. Was lucky enough to be on right side of the stage inches away from Page's pedals. I found Role Model to be an odd opener. Great song but didn't seem right as opener. Crowd got going for So Long. Even though I enjoyed them doing all of Meantime on Metalliance I was more excited to see them do songs off Seeing Eye Dog since we only got 1 in Dallas. Loved everything they did. I don't know why they haven't done title track much. Outside of new tracks there wasn't a lot of track's I heard that I haven't heard before but I still enjoyed them all. At first I wasn't a fan of them playing Enemies but now I realize I underestimated that song. Was also happy to get Rollo as I had not got to hear that one live before either. Show got more interesting during Milquetoast for me. Crowd got a little more wild and I turned to my girlfriend and was pulling her off of another girl she apparently hit that was being a bitch to everyone and she got several thank yous and high fives. I've never been so proud. Kinda disappointed at encore. On the setlist I got at the bottom for extra songs was Wilmas Rainbow, FBLA, FFBLA II, Tic, Repetition. Unfortunately we just got Wilmas Rainbow, Unsung, & Meantime. Obviously I love those last 2 songs but I'd have loved to hear Tic & Repetition since I never have before. Seeing other shows it looked like they weren't playing their big hits. Oh well. Page was quite personable as he usually is. He was excited because he got to go to the jazz museum in town and was fortunate to get to touch a trumpet Charlie Parker played and was down right giddy about it. Even though I don't think he remembered me I asked him in Dallas about playing around here and he had said that there weren't any clubs to play and I told him that onstage and he said he loved this place and he'd love to comeback here again. He then asked me if I'd been to this club before and said I'd seen Exodus & Prong here and what he told me next made my WHOLE NIGHT. He said that them and Prong were going to do a tour this year but Prong was working on a new album and then he said he hoped to do a tour w/ them next year which would make my entire year. Easily 2 of my 3 favorite bands!!!! I thanked Page again and my night was complete. Anthrax and then Helmet in 4 days. What a week!!! I had pictures but I'm in the process of moving so no way to upload but a great show as always!!!
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