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Sweden Rock Festival -- Norje, Sweden -- June 11th, 2005

Brand new morning
Back street kid
Need a lot of love
How far Jerusalem
Les morts dansant
Soldier of the line
We all run
Two hearts
All englandīs eyes
Kingdom of madness
Sacred hour

Yngwie Malmsteen
Rising force
Never die
Donīt let it end
Icarus dream suite op. 4
Far beyond the sun
I am a viking
Instrumental (Instrumental institution?)
Demon driver
Guitar solo
Instrumental (Instrumental institution?)
Guitar solo
Red house
Keyboard solo (Night on bald mountain)
Drum solo
You donīt remember, Iīll never forget
Demonīs eye
Acoustic solo
Black star
As above, so below
Du gamla du fria
Iīll see the light, tonight

Black dwarf
Mirror mirror
Under the oak
Assassin of the light
Dark reflections
At the gallowīs end
Seven silver keyes
Bearer of pain
Ancient dreams
A sorcerers pledge
Intro : Marche funebre
The well of souls
Dark are the veils of death

Killing the dragon
Egypt (The chains are on)
Stand up & shout
Simon Wright - Drum solo
Holy diver
Sunset superman
Donīt talk to strangers
Man on the silver mountain
Craig Goldie - Guitarsolo
Long live rock & roll
Gates of Babylon
Heaven & hell
We rock
Rainbow in the dark

Motley Crue
Shout at the devil ī97
Too fast for love
Ten seconds to love
Red hot
Looks that kill
Louder than hell
Live wire
Girs, girls, girls
Wild side
Donīt go away mad (just go away)
Primal scream
Home sweet home
Nikki - solo
Dr. Feelgood
Same olī situation
Sick love song
Kickstart my heart
Helter skelter
Anarchy in the UK
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