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Best Mastodon show I have seen to date. I know that they can be kind of hit-or-miss, but since this was the first date of the tour they were all really on top of their game. My girlfriend and I arrived to the venue a little late and as we walked up we saw Troy out by the tour bus and said hello briefly. We got in right after Black Tusk finished, so I don’t have a set for them. This show was at a venue that rarely has metal (except for during SXSW) so it was kind of an odd choice; I wish it would’ve been at Stubb’s because the sound at La Zona Rosa is not that great. The place is essentially an old auto shop/garage so the acoustics aren’t ideal. But that didn’t really matter, because Mastodon just steam rolled over the house sound system with their wall of amps. They moved around on stage quite a bit (for Mastodon) and looked like they were having a great time. The new songs got a really good crowd reaction, with the most probably being for All The Heavy Lifting. So all in all, 7 songs off of the new album, 5 from both Blood Mountain and Leviathan, and 2 from both Crack The Skye and Remission. More from Remission or anything from Lifesblood would be nice; but considering it’s the first tour for The Hunter, I was very pleased with this setlist.

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Is there another Ancient Wisdom besides the Swedish one? I looked it up on m-a and can't find anything there..
Yes, there is. They are a local Austin band. They actually spell it Ancient VVisdom, with 2 capital V's. Their most notable item has been a split they did with Charles Manson.

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