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Originally Posted by jd091 View Post
Yeah, my friend from back home is going to the Cleveland date. Pretty jealous; when was the last time they headlined?
They did a really small headlining tour in January last year. They played this tiny bar in Riverside right off University Avenue, and I was living in Riverside near campus that year, so it was the easiest drive to a concert ever.

I happened to come across the show announcement on myspace when I still used it to track bands. I never would've found out about it otherwise. They played for about an hour, got 7 songs in (plus intros for Icons and Dechristianize). And it was a pretty crazy show, I was up against the stage at one point and got pushed into it and slammed my knees down against it and knocked over a mic stand. And there was a lot of stage diving and people getting up and singing with Scott Wily and stuff.
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