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Social Distortion -- Irvine, CA -- October 22nd, 2011

Social Distortion played at the Verizon Wireless last night with Face to Face(I unfortunately arrived too late to see them ). I picked up my friend around 545pm and left for the show. The plan was to go to BJs before the show and get some bomb ass beer. The Jeremiah Red there is so delicious and fucks you up pretty fast. Well I looked it up on google before I left and it said there was a BJs about 3 miles from the venue, so I thought that was perfect. I didn't realize the BJs near the venue was actually in Laguna Hills instead of Irvine. My phone took me to the Irvine one, about 12 miles away and it was crowded as fuck, so we decided we should skip it and go find some cheap fast food and get some 40s. I literally drove around for 30 minutes trying to find a 711 or liquor store but had no luck. What the fuck Irvine??? I finally found a CVS pharmacy and grabbed 4 24oz cans of Mickeys and went straight the venue. We found a nice parking spot and pounded the beers and walked in around 9pm. As soon as we got in the venue, my friend saw the beer stand and she literally ran over to get two more 24oz cups of Bud Light. She didn't realize there was a quarter of a mile walk from that point to the lawn, so she almost spilled half her beer walking We found a nice spot on the lawn and Social D went on at 9:15 and played until 11. Mike Ness sounded great for being how old he is. They played a great selection of their discography. I wish they could have played a few more old songs. I was seriously tripping out when they didn't play Ball and Chain. I figured that's a song they always play, but not last night

California (Hustle and Flow)
King of Fools
Bad Luck
Bye Bye Baby
Mommy's Little Monster
Hour of Darkness
Machine Gun Blues
Story Of My Life
Gimme the Sweet and Lowdown
Nickels and Dimes
When the Angels Sing
Reach for the Sky
Six More Miles (Hank Williams cover)
Can't Take It With You
Dear Lover
Don't Drag Me Down
Prison Bound
Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash cover)
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