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Immolation -- Anaheim, CA -- October 22nd, 2011

This month Immolation set out on a tour in support of their newest EP, Providence, which was released just a couple weeks ago by Scion A/V. Earlier this year they were included on the annual Scion Rock Fest and they later filmed two music videos, one for the song "A Glorious Epoch" and the other for "Illumination", both courtesy of Scion A/V. Needless to say, Scion has done a lot for the band this year, and I am grateful for that.

After the tour was announced I immediately decided I had to go, despite both Anthrax and Judas Priest playing here on the same night. Immolation has always been crushing live, so I could not pass up the opportunity to see them again. I arrived at the venue early to ensure I would be able to grab their new EP. Luckily they still had plenty of copies left, but they were already out of the Wormort and Enslaved ones. To go with my EP I bought a shirt with the old logo and Majesty and Decay. Ross was running the merch table so I talked to him for a couple minutes. He said they are hoping to get in the studio by February or March and have a new album out in the summer.

After that I sat down on the bench and watched the local bands. There were three of them; Wage Slave, Crepitus, and Bedlam of Cacophony. Gigan had dropped off the tour due to a family emergency, so next up was Jungle Rot. They are one of those bands I've never really looked into, so I didn't know what to expect from their set. They were decent, but they didn't blow me away or anything. Once they started playing a guy got on stage and walked around for about thirty seconds before jumping off. By the second song he was back on stage and then again during the next song. The band ignored him the entire time, but I can imagine they were getting annoyed. After about the fourth or fifth time he got on stage the people in the crowd got tired of catching him and just let him fall flat on his face. I'm pretty sure it knocked him out, because he didn't get up for a good ten or twenty seconds. Not long after that he was back on stage. I'm surprised the band never reacted to him.

Once Jungle Rot finished playing I got up front and waited for Immolation. They came out on stage without any intro and went straight into "Majesty and Decay". It was like a wall of sound just hit me when they started playing. Of course, within only a few seconds that guy was back on stage. Bill (rhythm guitarist) responded by shoving him back into the crowd. By the second song he was back on stage and without hesitation Bill shoved him again. He finally got the message and stayed in the pit for the rest of the show. They continued onward with the devastating "Under the Supreme" and then the opening track of Providence. Then they played one of my personal favorites, the wicked title track of Close to a World Below. The sound was outstanding and Ross's vocals sounded unbelievably vicious. Everything was mixed perfectly and I was able to hear all the instruments clearly. It seemed to go by too fast and before long they were coming back on stage to play "World Agony", another favorite of mine. I believe they cut "Sinful Nature", but I forgot make a mental note of it at the time as I was so engaged in the music. Either way, the set was still fantastic, and I was very pleased to hear two songs from Dawn of Possession this time around. It was an incredible show and I already want to see them again. Hopefully they will be back around this time next year.
  1. Majesty and Decay
  2. Swarm of Terror
  3. Under the Supreme
  4. What They Bring
  5. Close to a World Below
  6. A Token of Malice
  7. No Jesus, No Beast
  8. Power and Shame
  9. Dawn of Possession
  10. Still Lost
  11. Den of Thieves
  12. Illumination
  13. Into Everlasting Fire
  14. World Agony
6.3 Voivod
6.5 Discharge
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