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Opeth -- Tempe, AZ -- October 22nd, 2011

Source: Me

The Devil's Orchard
I Feel the Dark
Face of Melinda
Porcelain Heart
The Throat of Winter (Acoustic)
Credence (Acoustic)
Closure (Acoustic)
A Fair Judgement
Hex Omega

First off, I need to listen to some Katatonia, they put on a great show. Not sure exactly what they played, but I know they did Chrome, Day and Then a Shade, The Longest Year, My Twin and July. No Murder though

Opeth came on and was flawless. The Heritage songs to me sounded much better live (and heavier) then in the studio, particularly Folklore. The acoustic part wasn't too bad (besides Throat of Winter) but I definitely feel like it slowed down the mood a lot. Also, Mikael was freaking hilarious!! I don't plan on missing another Opeth show in my area, they just blew me away with their musicianship. Highlights for me were Face of Melinda, Porcelain Heart, A Fair Judgement and Folklore.
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