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What a great show! We ran into Chris Jericho and John Wesley (touring guitarist for Porcupine Tree), who were enjoying the show.

Beyond that, Trivium was great. They put on a wonderful show. I was thrilled to see the two songs from Ascendancy! Matt was very energetic, made lots of energizing comments to the crowd. Unfortunately as this is a seated venue, and the crowd was pretty relaxed. During Perdition, they did the entire crowd to their feet. Trivium played a short and quick set. I enjoyed it and was very thankful Dream Theater brought them along for the tour!!!

As for Dream Theater, they played a very fun set. It was nice to see Wait for Sleep and Caught in a Web. I also loved seeing Through My Words and Fatal Tragedy (two of my all time favorites from DT). I was a little sad not hearing anything from Systematic or Black Clouds. I really enjoyed those albums and would've loved something crammed in there. But, still a wonderful set list.

We had a fun evening and I hope anyone else who attended did as well
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