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I like Bogie's because it is dirty, grimy, and foul stenched. I am not sure if I can articulate my reasons, but I prefer to go to shitholes for metal shows. For some reason the atmosphere suits metal. I don't think you are an asshole at all. To each his own. Ask Montrealers about Foufones.


T-shirts- $20
Cd's $10-$15
Koosies(Fuck Yea!)- $4-$5
Dog tag bottle openers- $5
Warbringer lighter/bottle openers- $2 I already had one.

Simply, very reasonably priced schwag!

My upcoming shows at this point-

Anthrax 11/08
Hank III- 11/21
Red Fang- 11/22
Judas Priest- thanksgiving
Toxic Holocaust/Havok- February
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