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Warbringer -- Albany, NY -- October 19th, 2011

Bogie's in Albany is a pretty cool place. As a matter of fact, a great place for a metal show!

All of the opening bands were great! I missed the local opener, but Diamond Plate, Landmine Marathon, and Lazarus A.D. sounded fabulous! I don't have full sets for them. However, I bought Lazarus' albums so next time I will be prepared.

Warbringer continues to ascend to one of my all time favorite bands. Even during times when the full band wasn't present, they never disappointed. Here's the set-

Living Weapon
Severed Reality
Shoot To Kill
Shattered Like Glass
Senseless Life
Echoes From The Void
(We are the ) Road Crew
Combat Shock
Demonic Ecstasy
Living In a Whirlwind
Total War

Enemies of the State

One of my favorite shows of the year! They used us as guinea pigs to perform Road Crew and Echoes. They sounded great! I really loved this show! Can't wait to see them again!!

Great merch!! The selection and prices were right!!
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