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Kvelertak -- Brooklyn, NY -- October 21st, 2011

For a couple hours it looked like I wasn't gonna be able to go to this show but my luck turned around and i'm really glad I got their. I met up with Shatteredflame at the train station and the ride took a little longer then expected cause apparently someone killed them self on another train track so their was delays. We got to the venue during the second opening band, the openers were ok, nothing special. After that band I met up with bt11763 and talked a little bit before the next band. During this band something strange happened. A rather large gentleman wearing a leather jacket and ripped up short shorts approached me and was trying to say something but obviously I couldn't hear him. This guy kept staring at me for the next few minutes and I was pretty creeped out. After the 3rd opener got off I found a good spot for Skeletonwitch and they came out and played a killer set, as usual. The set had a pretty good amount of new stuff but still plenty of BtPF and BtF material. I still need to get the new album.


The Horrifying Force (The Desire To Kill)
Reduced To The Failure of Prayer
Upon Wings of Black
Submit to the Suffering
Crushed Beyond Dust
Beyond the Permafrost
Sacrifice for the Slaughtergod
Strangled by Unseen Hands
Infernal Resurrection
Longing for Domination
Fire From the Sky
Vengeance Will Be Mine
Choke Upon Betrayal
Within My Blood

Shortly after Skeletonwitch got off I was re approached by the large gentleman and it turns out the whole time he just wanted to know how to pronounce Kvelertak. I'm pretty sure Kvelertak played their whole album. I'm not sure about the order though. I know they opened with Sj°hyenar (Havets herrer) and Mj°d was the 3rd to last song. Their was tons of energy during their set. Bobby (bt11763) seemed to be more excited then anyone. We had to catch this guy diving off the stage every 2 minutes . I think they were filming this show for a dvd or a music video or something cause they had cameras set up around the stage. Would be cool to wind up in a video. All in all it was a great show.
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