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Originally Posted by metallicbrian666 View Post
They were like DEP playing Mastodon songs, no thanks

Also, their vocalist sucks. The vocals were a little low in the mix when they first came on so you could tell how weak his shitty fry screams were. Not to mention his awful cleans. And the shitty hour long songs. Fucking Nazis.
I can understand this. Precambrian in my opinion was a masterpiece, but they got a new vocalist and all of a sudden the songwriting became really uninteresting and the new albums' songwriting does not even come close to the strength of the songwriting on Precambrian. Everything about that album was just way better so I am assuming they played none of those tracks live? If they are playing all new stuff I could see it being not very fun. Plus, I also agree the new vocalist isn't very good. It's a shame because I loved the Precambrian band/sound so much.
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