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Originally Posted by Jimigroov View Post
The latest Anvil American tour was announced on Sept. 2nd, but Jaxx did not post the show until 2 weeks ago. 2 weeks ago for a tour that was announced 6 weeks ago? No wonder there were only 40 or so of us there. Zero promotion from the club. How is a struggling club supposed to survive if no one knows a band is playing. How is a band to survive with no promotion?

Poor Anvil

Lips and Company were nothing but class

They cut the set short by 2 songs from there summer tour
I did not know that.that def explains a lot if the poor turnout. I mean that's just bad business sense for Jaxx too- why NOT bring business to your club? So stupid of them and very disrespectful towards the bands. Any idea if this is influence from the new management?
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