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Anvil -- Springfield, VA -- October 19th, 2011

Went with my buddy to see ANVIL on a rainy Wednesday night at JAXX. Tickets were under $20, and I wasn't up to anything else, so why not check out Anvil? I was familiar with the first 2 and the um most recent 2 Anvil records and the book/documentary about them.

The show was like being part of the Anvil documentary actually- about 40 people showed up. Seriously.

Merch stand had several Anvil shirts, some sort of fan club thing, and then CDs (with some rare ones I'd not even seen before- I perhaps should have snagged some...). And an Anvil...fanny pack... yes.

We got there to a pretty empty house, some local 3 piece band with a horrible name (Not-Liable)was on. I thought they were better than I expected them to be. The faster tempo songs were interesting, even if horribly sung. They reminded me a bit of Suicidal Tendencies (which is not a good thing since I personally am not an ST fan). The singer/guitarist was notable because he was black- something that is rarely seen in this scene, for whatever reason. He did a decent job guitar, but his vocals sucked, IMO. The bass and drum were solid, nothing to complain about there. The drummer had a short drum solo...

Baby Jane, whom I am sure I've seen open up for a hair band before, played a very hair-sounding set. Which I enjoy. I like that sound and enjoyed their set- the singer sounded somewhat like a cross between the guy from Dangerous Toys and the guy form Cinderella. Extra points for the LA Guns and Priest covers... They had the same band as Not-Liable, but they had another guitarist (lead) and singer. The singer/guitarist fromNot-Liable played only a few songs. And some chap from the crowd helped sing some songs? wtf? Another drum solo too...

ANVIL came on shortly after, around 10:30PM eastern time, the crowd was pretty excited, despite being small. Lips and Co. came on and they were damn loud and Lips and the bass player were VERY enthusiastic and full of energy. Lips had a smile plastered on his face for almost the whole set- you could tell he LOVED doing this. I think they could have used another guitar to fill out the sound more, but they still sounded good. The infamous dildo came out during Mothra, and I was crackin up the whole time. Lips seemed pretty genuine about loving what he did, even if it was for a small audience, he mentioned. The newer songs, IMO sounded better (probably because they were written with the one guitar part in mind?). Overall I'm glad I came out and see these guys play their hearts out- very good performance. Decent songs.

After the set, Lips came down to chat, sign, take photos. Rob was in the back too, and the bass player, but I just got a picture that I should have used flash on with Lips. He was very accommodating- a shame that the experience was very similar to the documentary.

  • Keep Running
  • ?
  • Drum solo
  • Going down
  • Backed up
  • Stalking
  • All Alone
  • ?

Baby Jane
  • ?
  • Midnight Movie
  • Hell's Bells intro
  • Never Enough (LA Guns cover)
  • Waiting for you
  • Drum solo (zzz)
  • Highway to Hell (AD/DC Cover)
  • Road Rocket
  • Livin' after Midnight (Priest cover)
  • Paradise City (Guns N Roses Cover)

  • March of the Crabs
  • 666
  • School Love
  • Juggernaut of Justice
  • Winged Assassins
  • On Fire
  • This Is Thirteen
  • Mothra (w/ guitar solo played w/ dildo)
  • Thumb Hang
  • White Rhino (W/ drum solo [zzz])
  • Fuken Eh!
  • New Orleans Voodoo
  • Metal on Metal
  • --------
  • Running
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