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Originally Posted by jd091 View Post
Question: how close do I need to be to get hit by blood? How much of the crowd gets sprayed?
My advice is get a spot as close to the rail as possible, a band or two before GWAR and defend it with your life, and if you do that you will be entirely soaked head to toe, and you will have the time of your life (assuming you like to be drenched in fake blood and semen, I suppose its not for everyone )

I'd say generally the front 1/3 of the crowd will get noticeably quite wet, middle third might get some direct shots but mostly sporadic drops, and the back third will get a drop or two at most. It depends on the venue size and night though.

Probably every 2 or 3 songs there is some sort of projectile prop, but most of them barely hit anyone beyond the first few sets of people (some of the characters/props don't even spew past the stage.) The Cuttlefish, decapitation victims and biledrivers (especially biledrivers) will get the crowd soaked.

GWAR burn off all the unused spew prepared for a show during the last songs, so if you haven't gotten satisfactorily wet try and push your way to the front during the end, that's when you'll get the most wet. And don't worry, spew won't ruin anything. Sadly it won't even stay in shirts through the washing machine.
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