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Originally Posted by GWAR654 View Post
My Top Songs I want to see GWAR Perfrom
(not in order)
1. Knife In Yer Guts
2. Letter from the Scallop Boat
3. First Rule Is
4. I Suck On My Thumb
5. IF I could Be That
6. Sex Cow
7. Blimey
8. Gilded Lilly
9. Je M'Appelle J. C÷usteaŘ
10. Íllie North
11. Sexecutioner
12. Penis I See
13. Slap You Around
14. The New Plague
15. Martyr Dumb
16. Fire in the Loins
17. Dirty, Filthy
18. The Performer
19. Child
20. Friend
21. Nitro-Burnin' Funny Bong
22. The Wheel
23. Fucking An Animal
24. The Bonus Plan
25. Tick Tits
Most of these are great tunes but not all of them would work. Fire in the Loins and Sexecutioner are sung by past members so we'll never see those. I just can't imagine something like Sex Cow, Fuckin an Animal, or The Performer making their way into the set cause they would be so out of place.
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