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Originally Posted by Dead_skin_mask
1. South Of Heaven
2. Silent Scream
3. Stain Of Mind
4. Disciple
5. War Ensemble
6. Dead Skin Mask
7. Postmortem
8. Raining Blood
9. Mandatory Suicide
10. Angel Of Death

Average is the only word to describe this performance. Cues were off, sound wasn't too great and I don't think opening with South Of Heaven helped matters, even if it did then go straight into Silent Scream. The mosh pit was also no fun, just a mass crush which resulted in several people passing out and missing what should have been one of the festival highlights

In Slayers defence they didn't have long to play and had to cut their set due to Nightwish's late appearence. I fear Hell Awaits and Chemical Warfare may have been cut. And of course a Slayer show is never quite the same in the daylight.

But overall - disappointing, worst Slayer performance I have ever seen. However that certainly doesn't mean it was bad
I learned the daylight lesson at Ozzfest last year. Slayer should NEVER play in the sunlight.
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