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GWAR -- Charlotte, NC -- October 18th, 2011

My face and hands are still blood red as I type this. Didn't get a setlist, sorry.

Driving through pouring down rain, we got to the venue right as Ghoul started playing. I'm sure most of you already know who they are, but if you don't, check them out! Their fun, catchy combination of death metal, thrash metal, and goregrind translated very well live. They brought out the Killbot during "Rise, Killbot, Rise!", and Destructor came out during the song of the same name, which was pretty badass. They even "fought" at one point of the show. Plenty of nasty circle pits going on too.

Every Time I Die took the stage next, and their brand of southern tinged hardcore/metalcore seemed to draw in a whole new crowd altogether (there were actually a lot of people who came to the show just for them). They had no stage props obviously, instead just relying on pure energy for their set. There were plenty of guys there throwing down (I swear I saw somebody get thrown). They actually didn't interact with the crowd as much as I thought they would, but that was probably under the assumption that most of the people there were waiting for GWAR, but it was still a very solid performance.

After spending a bit of time setting up, the band everyone was waiting for hit the stage. After being greeted by the character that would later be revealed to be "Sawborg Destructo", the band revealed themselves onstage. As soon as Oderus severed the head of the zombie fellow onstage (i'm rather behind on the GWAR Mythos, so excuse me if I don't know the names of a few of these people) the ENTIRE front half of the venue erupted into a violent storm of people pushing to get to the front of the stage so that they could get covered in the blood and guts. Some highlights included them wrestling and killing a giant monster and busting out the "Blood Cannon". They brought out their usual celebrity to kill, though I couldn't identify who it was (if anyone can, i'll go back and edit this), but she was pregnant, and in GWAR fashion, they tied her down to a table and gave her a GWAR-style abortion. All the while they burned through many choice cuts, beginning with newer tracks such as "A Gathering of Ghouls" and "Bring Back the Bomb". Towards the later half of their set, they played some of their classic songs, such as "Ham on the Bone" and ended by playing the first three tracks from the Scumdogs album. During "Maggots" the infamous World Maggot came out and devoured some groupies, and during "Sick of You", Oderus ended the show on an amazing note: by taking Cuttlefish and masturbating on the entire audience. Also, during the "quiet" part of the song, he and the entire audience began singing the song from the "1-800-777-CASHNOW" commerical .

I had a hell of a time at this show. I also didn't realize it until the bands playing mentioned it, but we were the first date on the tour. I think it goes without saying, but if you have a chance to go to this, DO IT.
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