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This show was a blast! I chatted with Trevor for a bit a the bar between Cannabis Corpse and All Shall Perish. I got there right before 9 and the place was already packed; which is rare for Red 7, the place usually fills up right before the headliner. This show definitely attracted a younger crowd, as you would imagine. Cannabis Corpse was awesome, they had a few minor sound issues and probably played for about 30 minutes. I didn't care for All Shall Perish and only watched a couple songs. The crowd went bananas for Black Dahlia, as usual. Hands down the most stagediving and crowdsurfing that I've seen at Red 7.

Cannabis Corpse's set included:
Mummified in Bong Water
Blunted at Birth
Skull Full of Bong Hits
Gateways to Inhalation
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