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Originally Posted by The Colonel View Post
Avail - My all time favorite hardcore band. Saw them 8 times before they split up and every one of those shows was amazing. Technically "on hiatus" but I've heard some things that make me believe they're done. I wish I could see them one more time though.
GREAT band! I have seen them countless times during the 90s.

My list would be enormous if I were to include non-metal bands as well.

Since you mentioned a hardcore band, I will post a few select punk/HC bands I am proud to say I was able to see in their prime:

7 Seconds
Toxic Reasons
Poison Idea
Bad Brains
Naked Raygun
Screeching Weasel
2/18: Ghost In The Ruins / Maiden Chicago / The Mob Rules
3/17: Iced Earth / Warbringer / Ghost In The Ruins / Depremacy
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