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October 12th

Wolfen (1981)
dir: Michael Wadleigh
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I was done with farmhouses after the last two flicks, so I moved over to the city streets of New York. Albert Finney plays an alcoholic cop investigating a string of grisly murders taking place that seem like they could be animal attacks. Wolfen actually ends up being more of a thought provoking thriller than an action packed werewolf movie. A little dated, but the effects arenít too bad.

song: In The Year Of The Wolf - Motorhead - Inferno
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Relevant lyrics:
See me now, I was another,
Mean and vicious, fast and clever,
see me now, you would not dream,
The food I ate, the food that screamed

October 13th

Let Me In (2010)
dir: Matt Reeves
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This is the American take on a Swedish vampire movie called Let The Right One In. Both films are actually adaptations of a written work. When I initially heard that they were going to do another version of the film, following the excellent Swedish release, I was worried that it would be turned into a terrible Hollywood horror movie. However this version is a great interpretation of the story. If you havenít seen either one, both are well done and not your typical vampire story at all.

song: Night of the Vampire (Roky Erickson cover) - Entombed - Sons Of Satan Praise The Lord
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Relevant lyrics:
Never sleeps in the night
Comes out when the moon is bright - tonight
Is the night of the vampire

October 14th

Black Death (2010)
dir: Christopher Smith
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If youíve seen Game of Thrones, or the first Lord Of The Rings movie, you know that Sean Bean can do medieval/fantasy well; and this throws a horror/satanic spin onto a fantasy/adventure flick. The story is set in England during the time of the bubonic plague. Witch burnings, great action and satanic necromancy make for a pretty exciting watch. If you have any interest in medieval action, check this one out.

song: Plague Bearer - Bolt Thrower - Realm of Chaos
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Relevant lyrics:
Contamination - spreads throughout the world
Contagious evil - now that chaos takes its hold
Sadistic torture - warps your earthly form
Your blood now curdles - now to be reborn

October 15th

Videodrome (1983)
dir: David Cronenberg
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In the early 80ís David Cronenberg made three awesome horror/thrillers right in a row and Videodrome falls between Scanners and The Dead Zone in this trio. James Woods runs a TV station and is always looking for cutting edge content. When he stumbles upon a video feed of torture scenes that seem to be real he is fascinated. If you arenít familiar with this movie, this is one worth watching for sure.

song: The Idiot Box - Shadows Fall - The Art of Balance
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Relevant lyrics:
Staring forward with vacant eyes
Imagination Cannot survive
Misinformation and compromise
These televised conditioned lies
Create a system of belief
Heartless purveyors of deceit

October 16th

Autumn (2009)
dir: Steven Rumbelow
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Netflix got a handful of new movies added to instant watch this weekend, so I thought Iíd give this zombie flick a try. Itís a standard group of survivors story against the freshly risen dead. The big twist here is that the zombie are actually learning and getting smarter over time. I really like zombie movies and this didnít do it for me. The make-up on the zombies looks good, but the special effects are terrible. You want to watch a zombie story? The Walking Dead season 1 just got added to Netflix instant recently and season 2 just started on AMC.

song: The Undead Will Feast - Cannibal Corpse - Eaten Back to Life
hear the song

Relevant lyrics:
Psychotic, transmutated corpses, upsuring the population
Sickening disaster of epidemic proportions, devouring us

October 17th

The Crazies (2009)
dir: Breck Eisner
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This movie is a remake of a classic 1973 George Romero movie. Itís not exactly a zombie movie, but itís similar. A virus infects a town that makes some people deathly ill while some go outright insane, thrown into homicidal fits of rage. People donít come back from the dead in this one though. Timothy Olyphant is pretty good here as the town sheriff. My girlfriend really liked this one, but I thought it was just alright.

song: The Blueprints for Madness - Deceased... - The Blueprints for Madness
hear the song

Relevant lyrics:
Twisting, muting, the loss of a living mind
Enter madness, with no control all is done, as hope retreats
Enter madness, and in the end there's no chance,
But true defeat
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