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Guitarists: Gear for Sale

Hey everyone, I know there's some guitarists here. I recently decided to buy a new amp, and thus am looking at selling my old one.

What I'm selling is a Line 6 Spider III 150 Watt Half-stack (head and 4x12 cab), complete with the FBV express pedalboard. No cables, other than the one to connect the footswitch and the power cable for the amp. Everything is in great, perfectly working condition, with only very small cosmetic wear on the equipment. This is a great amp, perfect for both hobbyist guitarists and playing with a band as well. The amp has all the power capabilities and a lot of versatility to it. Great built in effects. I just am not much of a fan of the digital-ness of the tone, though some people love it, and overall I do really recommend it. This amp has served me well for over 3 years now.

This is the amp onstage with me:

This is the pedalboard (just a stock photo):

Also, check it out on any of my band's videos, here:

Price is negotiable. If anyone is interested, let me know.
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