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The show was awesome! I'm happy with these guys again. Though it was a short set, it was two songs longer than MI and one song longer than Chicago. Got the Time was a nice surprise. Very large crowd for a Minneapolis metal show. I didn't expect to see people around the block in both directions.

Death Angel and Testament tore it up! Anthrax were on too. The new songs sounded great live. It's nice to get a change from their past shows, which were pretty much the same with Joey in the band. It's looks like the boys are back!

My son came home with 3 different Testament picks, including Chuck Billy's, one Death Angel pick, and Testament's setlist. Very nice!

Here's Testament's set:

The Preacher
The New Order
Envy Life
Over The Wall
Souls of Black
Into The Pit
Electric Crown
Henchmen Ride
More Than
3 Days In Darkness
Disciples of the Watch

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