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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
14 or 15 songs for a headline set is about as much as you're gonna get out of Anthrax anyways. They've never played long sets at all. The only things I would change is take out GTT for something else on POT and take out Metal Thrashing Mad for AIR or Be All End All.
This really is too bad, especially since Metallica do 2+ hours every night, and Slayer have busted out some insane 25 song setlists in South America and Europe over the summer. Even Megadeth give 90 minutes and 18-19 songs when they're on a headlining tour.

There seriously is no reason why they can't throw in AIR, Medusa, or Be All End All in the set; they were all played at the Big 4 shows over the past year. That would be an easy 90 minutes since their current sets seem to last around 75-80 minutes from what I know.
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