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Originally Posted by GarageMetal468 View Post
Jungle Rot:
Their Finest Hour
Worst Case Scenario
Strangulation Mutilation
Fight For Life
Strong Shall Serve
Rise Up And Revolt
Push Comes to Shove
No Mercy
Face Down
Let Them Die
Kill on Command
It's Strong Shall Survive, but wow that's an absolutely awful Jungle Rot set. I worship their first few records, but after Warzone they kinda lost it, and that last record wasn't even what I'd listen to Jungle Rot for. I can no longer defend them as "not core" like I had to (I still hold that Warzone is not a -core album ) The lack of old songs is sad. When I saw em a few years ago they busted out quite a few classics. No JR set should lack Circle of Death
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