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Originally Posted by mastodon421 View Post
I'll throw in my 2 cents on Five Finger Death Punch because everyone else seems to be. Their first album is decent. It was faux-tough guy shit, but it wasn't annoying and was some decent groove metal. The second album was alright. A few solid songs, but it had too many mainstream ballads. Their new record is straight-up bad, they are way too full of themselves now and the lyrics are cringe-worthy.

Despite the fact that I'm not really a fan, they do get a lot more shit than they deserve. There are a LOT worse bands out there. These guys do put on a good show and Ivan Moody can sing pretty well.
Agree with this on all counts. I used to listen to them when The Way of the Fist came out, saw them live a couple times and loved every minute of it. Actually the first club show I ever went to was a FFDP show. I got out of them for a little bit, and when the second album came out I briefly listened to them for a little bit again. That one wasn't as good, but not long after that they just kind of fell off of my radar.

I think alot of people just give them shit because it's 'cool' to. They're not all tough guy assholes like they try to be, they just know what sells, and they're doing a damn good job at it. I met Ivan Moody backstage at Mayhem in 2010, when I wasn't even a fan of them, mind you, and he came across as a very chill, respectable, friendly guy. Same with the bassist they had at the time.
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