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I didn't claim to have a more refined taste than yours
Your posts sometimes imply that your tastes are more refined than others, at least in my opinion. And of course age doesn't matter, but I've come across MANY 15/16year olds who have listened to metal 3 years maximum (not counting only listening to huge bands like Metallica, Maiden, Sabbatah) and they tend to come off as huge elitists. I'm sure you know your metal but just saying that's how some people may see it at times, such as myself.

I remember reading that many people on this board missed the At The Gates 2008 reunion tour because they didn't listen to much metal and didn't who they were at the time. And then you get those same people 1-2 years later who act like elitists thinking they know more about metal than most metalheads and that their music tastes are superior. I guess that's what bothers me with age. And like I've said I've came across many, many kids who do that.

And yeah it also has to do with your definition of heavy because everyone's opinions will differ when it comes down to who they think is heaviest.
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