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Originally Posted by jd091 View Post
I dunno, maybe I'm a little butthurt. I'm no fan of radio rock, but I honestly liked 5FDP live. They were far from awful, and I think as a whole, they get way more shit than they deserve. They're far from "terrible" in my book, just average. So yeah. Elitist metal fans need to chill.

Or maybe it's kind of a reaction to this site as a whole. I've been here for a while now, and when this site is good, it's great. But it just pisses me off nowadays to see people bitching and moaning left and right every goddamn day that there exists bands that they don't like. Seems like the supreme sign of immaturity to me.


on another note, I like both the ffdp and atr sets, atr's is predictable and needs more not alone or the air that I breathe at least, but I understand why they're playing what they are.
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