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I personally cracked up big time at the FFDP title but agree for the sake of the purity of this site that I won't rag on bands I hate but rather avoid comment. It justs seems the mature thing to do.

Also, opinions are like assholes and everyone has one including me. The beauty of music is that bands I view as shitty sell hundreds of thousands of records and bands that I worship sell only hundreds of copies. As a result, I actually get to meet my heroes and be close at a concert and not pay $200 a ticket to sit on the upper level at a stadium. Sucks for my favorites bands as they deserve more $ but good for me as a fan.

I have also personally ripped several bands only to listen to them later and now view them as guilty pleasures/bands that I really think are good and have gotten a bad rap. (FFDP is not one of these bands but to be honest I have never even tried to listen to them and don't want to so shame on me)

Either way let's keep Metal Setlists focused on the positive and leave the bitching and opinions to other chat boards.