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Originally Posted by x-voltage View Post
This is like assholes who post on Blabbermouth and rip bands. If you don't like the bands don't visit their articles on Blabbermouth to just make fun of them. If you think people would want to just see Hatebreed and ATR's set just leave 5FDP out of it and call the post All That Remains. Oh and especially on Blabbermouth, the making fun of 5FDP's name by putting donkey or dick in it is so childish and has been done over 1000 times.
Honestly, Five Finger isn't a band to be taken seriously and the Donkey Punch thing has become somewhat of a meme around here. So all the OP was trying to do is to have everyone get a laugh out of a band that makes it so easy to be made fun of.

I mean they lyrics for their new single are just pathetic. The first album was good and the second was OK but they're going downhill fast.