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Originally Posted by treghet View Post
Disappointing not to see Wheels of Steel or 747, but you got The Eagle Has Landed and Metalhead!!! Nice.
I've seen Saxon play both of these songs before, so I'm not particularly upset, especially Wheels of Steel, which I've honestly always found overrated. I'd much rather have seen The Eagle Has Landed and Metalhead since they were the only times they were played on this tour. Also, To Hell and Back Again is a favorite of mine, so I was pumped that they threw that in.

Originally Posted by Spiner202 View Post
Was there a curfew on this show or something? I don't understand how Borealis gets billed as a main support band (in fact, the only consistent support on the tour), and gets maybe 30 minutes (iTunes is telling me it only takes 25 minutes to play those songs).

The plus side is that the first four songs are four of the five best songs from the new album, but still, it seems kind of unfair to me.
This show was a special show with a really early curfew (Saxon had to be offstage by 10:20), so Borealis only got a 30-minute slot. Apparently on a lot of the other shows they got 45 minutes and also played Fall From Grace, Words I Failed to Say, and even 1 or 2 off the first record.

Won't get a chance to really get into the details of the review til later tonight. Stay tuned!
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