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Originally Posted by dimmudan View Post

I know a lot of people yesterday were unhappy with so many new Anthrax songs but it really was a great show and the new songs fit well with the classics. Worship Music is an excellent album and probably the best the band has released since Sound of White Noise or before. Go buy it. I'd be very surprised if you didn't love it if you are an Anthrax fan.
The new songs weren't an issue for most of us on this board. The bulk of us do enjoy the new album. The issue was with the set only being 12 songs on the first night. Adding ATL is great and hopefully they'll add another song or two as the tour goes. I still don't get why they avoid playing stuff off POT though. Does the band hate the album or musically are the songs too difficult to pull off live or something?

Anyways, if they just add one off POT that isn't Got The Time, you really couldn't ask for much more out of their set.

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