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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post

01 Finest Hour
02 Breaking the Curse
03 Where We Started
04 Forgotten Forever
05 Regeneration
Was there a curfew on this show or something? I don't understand how Borealis gets billed as a main support band (in fact, the only consistent support on the tour), and gets maybe 30 minutes (iTunes is telling me it only takes 25 minutes to play those songs).

The plus side is that the first four songs are four of the five best songs from the new album, but still, it seems kind of unfair to me.
5/21 - Alice Cooper
6/01 - Primal Fear (?)
6/04 - Untimely Demise
6/09 - Striker, Axxion, Manacle (?)
6/10 - Annihilator, Razor
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