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Warbringer -- Frederick, MD -- October 15th, 2011

Living Weapon
Severed Reality
Shattered Like Glass
Systematic Genocide
Enemies of the State
Prey for Death
Living in a Whirlwind
Total War
Combat Shock

Rather small turnout for a rather unorthodox venue. Cafe 611 bills itself as a classy diner in downtown Frederick, but tonight they hosted a vicious thrash metal concert. Fine by me, neck still sore from seeing Warbringer last night at Sonar, I drove back into Maryland to do a thrash double header. After the first two, the band said fuck it and did an improvised set for those of us that showed up. Though my request for "Savagery" was the only one that wasn't already on the setlist for previous dates.

Sick show again, Warbringer always brings it. On a related note the venue had a pretty good sound, I wouldn't be against going there for metal shows in the future.
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