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My issue isn't with playing five off the new album or playing the old standards. My issue is a band who's been together in one form or another for close to 30 years only plays a headlining set of 12 songs. It's cool that GTT has been dropped but it couldn't be replaced by something else off POT

Seriuosly Scott and Charlie need to wake the fuck up. After Testament playing the set that they did how the fuck do you go out there and do the bare minimum set wise and play one less song as the headliner?

I'm hoping since it was the first night Anthrax was just trying to get back into the touring groove or there were some issues with setting up or sound that caused them to cut it short.

My show doesn't come until towards the end of the tour. So, hopefully by then Anthrax has made some changes or added something.

There's no reason the set couldn't go something like this:

Earth On Hell
Fight 'Em Til You Can't
Caught In A Mosh
I'm Alive
The Devil You Know
In My World
In The End

Be, All End All
Among The Living
I Am The Law

Is a 14 or 15 song set really asking too much?
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