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Originally Posted by Indestructible View Post
I would rather hear Be All, End All or Who Cares Wins than Antisocial. I want to hear something from Persistence Of Time just like everyone else. They can drop Only and Metal Thrashing Mad for a song from that album, but what are you going to do? This is a tour that thrash fans thought they could only dream about and now it's a reality, so stop complaining and enjoy it. If you were to attend this show would you really stand there and get mad at the band for playing Antisocial?
Worship Music is amazing, so I am fine with them playing five songs. They're playing In The End!!!
I think you're missing the point. These 3 bands have all toured extensively the last couple of years and true fans have heard all of these songs as recently as a few months ago.

If I'm going to pay to see Anthrax headline for the 1st time in a decade can't they at least throw us a bone? Where is AIR, NFL, Be All End All, In My World, hell where the fuck is Among the Living? Glad I waiting to buy my ticket...
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