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Originally Posted by treghet View Post

Aura Noir – Black Thrash Attack
Genre: Black / Thrash
Year: 1996

Although Aura Noir has released four stellar albums throughout their career they remain a lesser known black metal band. Black Thrash Attack was their debut and as the title suggests, it is indeed a heavily thrash influenced black metal album. Out of the better known bands in Norway, Aura Noir was the only one to take this approach. The vocals are in the typical black metal style, however, the guitars focus almost entirely on catchy thrash riffs. Alongside the killer riffs, the drumming is another integral part of the album. Blast beats are mixed in with interesting patterns and fills that you might expect to hear on a thrash album. A rather interesting fact about this album is that the members take on multiple roles, with Apollyon and Aggressor alternating between instruments and vocal duties. They do this so well that you likely wouldn’t notice unless you were listening closely for differences. Aura Noir does a perfect job of combining thrash influences with their black metal roots, making a stellar final product.

“The Pest” -

I've heard these guys before and they're awesome, thanks for reminding me to download their stuff

Bestial Mockery – Christcrushing Hammerchainsaw
Genre: Black / Thrash
Year: 2002

Despite releasing their first demo in 1996, Bestial Mockery did not have the opportunity to release a full length until 2002. This debut infuses an abundance of thrash riffs and spontaneous solos with a classic black metal sound, making it more refreshing than the usual black metal that had been well played out by this time. That being said, it does utilize the typical guitar tone and vocals popularized by the Norwegian scene. Although the album only lasts for twenty five minutes, it will grip your throat and batter you until you are lifeless. It’s an unrelenting assault on the senses. Bestial Mockery would go on to release three more remarkable full lengths, surely leaving their mark in the scene before they broke up in 2009.

“Suicide Blasphemy” -

I've also heard these guys before, great stuff, thanks. I'll probably download some of their shit now, too.

Black Witchery – Upheaval of Satanic Might
Genre: Black
Year: 2005

After a demonic intro, this album starts an endlessly hellish storm of pure black metal. Although it was released in 2005, the production sounds more like the ‘90s, perfecting the atmosphere. The songs on this album are generally short, with most of them around two and a half minutes, which works well considering how relentlessly fast they are. There is an ample amount of well crafted riffs throughout the album, so each song retains its own identity instead of the whole album flowing together as one piece. With speed that will make your head spin and bone crushing guitars, this album will satisfy any black metal fan, old or new.

“Scorned and Crucified” -

strangely enough the first black metal band I got into... This is fucking great stuff, I just wish the production wasn't so goddamned terrible.

Blasphemophagher – Nuclear Empire of Apocalypse
Genre: Black / Death
Year: 2008

Blasphemophagher is another newer addition to the infernal underground scene, having formed not long after the turn of the century. Like Black Witchery, they have done nothing but prove themselves over the years. Their debut album arrived to the world in 2008 and it is a slab of malicious black death to stay the least. The album is quite varied for its style, with blazing fast sections that will rip your limbs apart and then slower sections with riffs that will have you reminiscing Slayer’s early work. The blasting insanity melds together well with the thrashing outbreaks and makes this release much more unique than others in the genre.

“Devastating Radioactive Torments” -

The last time I listened to these guys, I didn't like what I heard, but this has changed my mind
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