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19. Burning Witch - Crippled Lucifer
Sludge/Drone/Doom Metal

Disc 1: Towers... (1998)
1. Sacred Predictions
2. Country Doctor
3. Tower Place
4. Sea Hag
5. The Bleeder

Disc 2: Rift.Canyon.Dreams. (1998)
1. Warning Signs
2. Stillborn
3. History of Hell (Crippled Lucifer)
4. Communion
5. Rift.Canyon.Dreams.

Burning Witch is the band that Sunn O))) masterminds Greg Anderson and Stephen O'Malley formed after the demise of Thorr's Hammer. Crippled Lucifer is a combination of the two EP's that the band released, Towers... and Rift.Canyon.Dreams. There's nothing on this album that isn't slow and heavy. The guitars are crushing and droning for decent lengths of time with Edgy 59's tortured, drugged-out vocals wailing over top. His scream is disgusting, and his clean vocals are eerie. This one may take a little bit of time to get into, but once it clicks, it's a very rewarding album. I don't think the band lasted much longer after these two EP's were originally released as the Crippled Lucifer album in 1998. The version here is a Southern Lord rerelease with the EP's separated and a two bonus tracks.

History of Hell (Crippled Lucifer)
Warning Signs
Sacred Predictions
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