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Ironically the next 2 songs in the list I never got to see live so looking over my list I got to see 30 of my Top 35 favorite headbanging songs live so that's something I'm kinda proud of. I doubt anyone on here saw this song live since I read it was only played live 4 times ever with Dayton 72 being the only version I actually heard. If you have, you're the man!

I can't listen to this song without headbanging. I'm doubt many people choose Vol 4 as their favorite Sabbath album but This song is in my Top 5 Sabbath songs and Supernaut and Cornucopia are both Top 10-15. I love every riff in this song and the lyrics are pure genius to me. Another Sabbath song I "re-discovered" years later that would continue to grow on me to this day. I often compare Vol 4 to Pink Floyd - Animals. 2 albums I heard, kinda liked and blew off only to grow to love years later.

If Sabbath does reunite they need to drop the War Pigs/Iron Man fodder and play songs we've been dying to hear live like this one. That would be worth shelling out $100 to Sharon's kids wedding funds. hahaha

#33 - Black Sabbath - Under the Sun
1//17 - LOG & Anthrax
3/5 - Slayer & Testament
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