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Cro-Mags -- Chicago, IL -- October 8th, 2011

Source: Me, and
Venue: Reggies Rock Club
Cro-Mags, Early Graves, New Lows


World Peace
Show You No Mercy
Crush the Demoniac
Street Justice
Survival of the Streets
Seekers of the Truth
Right Brigade (Bad Brains cover)
Attitude (Bad Brains cover)
Rise and Fall (Leeway cover)
It's the Limit
Don't Tread On Me
We Gotta Know
Hard Times

So I'm a little late in this review since I was only sure of a couple songs, and I was tired and busy, and kind of forgot. But Treghet tipped me off to the whole set, and I figure why the hell not?

Free Scion Matinee Show for Chicago, and it was going on in the midst of RIOT FEST, this weekend-long series of punk shows going on all over the city, primarily the huge Danzig Legacy/Youth of Today show. WHICH I'm kind of pissed I didn't go see, primarily for the amazingness that is Youth of Today. And Nachtmystium playing in the huge Congress Theater. Tickets were too expensive, though, and I had too much homework to care to go to 7 Seconds, so this was the only show I ended hitting up. And hey, free doesn't hurt at all.

Got there a couple minutes before the doors opened, and met Garagemetal and Daimonos in line. Good to see you bros again so soon! And I met Metallicbrian for the first time, also a very chill guy/kid. Love that ACXDC shirt too! Anyway, there was tons of free shit for scion there: shirts, Wormrot EP CD, socks (?)... was pretty cool.

The first band, New Lows, came on relatively soon, and kicked all kinds of ass! I loved their style of hardcore. And unlike the other Scion (Magrudergrind) show I saw this year at reggies, people were actually going crazy for the first band. Nice to see some older crusty hardcore bros reppin' Chain of Strength, All Out War, and Gorilla Biscuits shirts! And yes, I slammed a bit to get warmed up. Daimonos doesn't want to recognize me any more. Hey man, you come to a hardcore show, what do you want from me?

The next band, Early Graves, came on after, and were more sraight up grindcore rather than hardcore. No slamming was to be had. There were a couple good moshes going on, and you could tell the metal guys there were happy. A bunch of long haired thrash shirt wearing dudes came up front and were headbanging the whole time, while I stood back with the other hardcore bros, standing completely still. At least I was headbanging a decent amount. They were great!

That kind of brings up an interesting point which I'd like to address: the crossover crowd. It was unlike any show I've seen. It was pretty much like everyone was divided into two groups: the long haired, skinny kids with denim vests, Sodom, Municipal Waste, and Anthrax shirts, versus the old moshbros, mid 30's, jacked as hell, shaved heads, reppin' Gorilla Biscuits, Agnostic Front, and polo shirts. I could tell blood was gonna get spilled. And I was pumped; this was the first "older" hardcore band I was gonna witness live. I thought people were gonna go crazy.

Pretty much and understatement.

The lights go out for Cro-Mags, the opening orchestral sound clip starts, and immediately the pit behind me erupts. Wall to wall, guys are already stomping back and forth at an alarming speed, throwing down and punching each other, etc. Then they blast straight into World Peace, throwing the place into an unrelenting mosh storm that pretty much kept up the entire show. I tried to stay up around the front, getting pushed around for the first song. Then I said FUCK IT, and went straight into a mosh-induced fury for the next couple. Man, it was violent. It was crazy. I got punched and kicked in so many places, since Reggie's was pretty fucking packed. This was slamming, but an entire group slamming into each other at once. Yet amidst all this violence, pain, passion and intensity, it hurt so good. I loved every punch I took and every punch I dealt. The adrenaline rush was just so goddamn awesome, so much more than any traditional mosh pit or circle pit I've been in.

I peeled off to film it a bit, and take a break since I was pretty damn tired. It felt like a fast concert, but I wouldn't want it to go on any longer. It was the perfect dose of hardcore insanity for me. Maybe it's that crossover edge that puts people over the edge? I don't know. It was definitely the most violent thing I've been in. YET I LOVED EVERY SECOND.

The encore was pretty insane, as everyone decided to say fuck it and start stagediving. Which if you haven't heard me bitch a storm about Reggie's security and rules before, I'll say it again: FUCK THEM. It's really annoying how they'll put 2-3 security guys on stage, and another 3-4 in the crowd with the sole purpose of pulling down/kicking out stagedivers and crowdsurfers. Really, guys? It's hardcore. Which almost makes it twice as fun when everybody throws a giant middle finger to the rules and decide to get up on that damn stage. The security guys can't handle us all, and that's when I got away with stagediving. It was awesome.

So long story short, this concert kicked all sorts of ass. Literally. I know Cro-Mags aren't the same without Harley Flanagan, but they still tore Chicago a new asshole. This just reinforces my love for gritty late '80's and '90's hardcore, and its perfection: Agnostic Front, Madball, Judge, Strife, etc. Can a genre be more perfect? I don't think so. Definitely in my top 10 shows for this year, if not top 5. It's gonna be tough to rank them all at the end!

Vids I took:
Crush the Demoniac
Rise and Fall -> It's The Limit
HARD TIMES (from the side of the stage )
The last video is a great example of how fucktarded the security is there.
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