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20. Cathedral - The Ethereal Mirror
Doom Metal

1. Violet Vortex
2. Ride
3. Enter the Worms
4. Midnight Mountain
5. Fountain of Innocence
6. Grim Luxuria
7. Jaded Entity
8. Ashes You Leave
9. Phantasmagoria
10. Imprisoned in Flesh

Here's one from one of the more widely respected Doom bands, Cathedral. The Ethereal Mirror is the bands second album, taking influences from Sabbath, and other traditional doom bands such as Witchfinder General and Pentagram. This album sees the band shedding the death metal influences that debut Forest of Equilibrium contained, and heading for a straight rock'n'roll doom sound. There's not much to say about this album, other than it's awesome and it showcases Cathedral doing what they do best: laying down one tasty riff after another. Cathedral knows how to make Doom fun.

Midnight Mountain
Grim Luxuria
Ashes You Leave
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