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Originally Posted by Jasonic View Post
Very cool! Was Chris looking for local musicians to back him up that night or something, or did you do the full tour?

Not to disrespect Chris, as he is an amazing guitarist, but he should NOT be singing Savatage material!!!!
It was just two local shows (Clifton, NJ and Queens, NY), not a tour. The two other guys in his band were Brian Gregory on bass (who was in Doctor Butcher) and Mark Scott (the drummer from Trixter, a good friend of Chris's) on drums. I have a lot of mutual friends with Chris and word got out that I was a good person to ask to play keyboards if he wanted to do some Savatage songs, so he asked me. We did Edge of Thorns, Summer's Rain, Believe, and I played on his solo song "Music Man" as well. It was a really cool experience. But yeah, I agree that his voice isn't exactly well-suited for the material.
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