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Originally Posted by Queensrychian View Post
Someone want to get the finger out of their ass! I am sick and tired of formating bullshit on here. Just be happy people are providing their experiences and the set lists. Since when did metal become so Formal. Anyone else want a properly formatted set list go to an Opera with the rest of the stuffy assholes!!!!!:bouvil le::bouvil le:
Originally Posted by MountainKing View Post
I know i'm not a regular here as far as posts go, but I am surprised by the elitist attitude taken by people here with regard to how things are posted. This is a METAL site. Such conformity to regulation is oxymoronic. Metal is about rebellion and attitude, not toeing the line. A jury of OZZY, DIO, LEMMY, HALFORD, HARRIS, HETFIELD, VAN HALEN, YOUNG, ARAYA, MUSTAINE, IAN, AND OLIVA find you guilty of shameful obidience. LONG LIVE METAL!

Here we go again....

Besides the general organizational value, there is actually more to the story. The set lists go into a database indexed by the thread title. So if the title is wrong the index is wrong. Some people may take the format nazi thing a little too far, but they are just trying to help the cause.

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