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Originally Posted by vegantopher View Post
I actually never thought of them as metalcore until The Colonel pointed it out on here at some point in the last year. Call it whatever you want, but it's still metalcore. Old hardcore sounds way different than a lot of the mainstream hardcore that is out today, but we still refer to it as hardcore. Just because the mainstream ruins it over time doesn't mean we shouldn't be ashamed to still refer to the founders by that name.
Yeah, I always get confused with calling bands "hardcore". When you say "hardcore", I think of late 80's/90's shit like Integrity, Slapshot, Madball, Judge, Warzone, etc. When someone says "hardcore PUNK", I think of the oldies, '80-'84, y'know? Black Flag, Bad Brains, Minor Threat, MDC, etc.

Then there's "modern hardcore": Terror, Trapped Under Ice, Cruel Hand, Ceremony, etc. Which is fucking great! Then there's the "IKEACORE" stuff: Touche Amore, Have Heart, Defeater... which you either love or hate. And I didn't even mention "late 90's Victory Records-core", the New York Scene (which is pretty close to my definition of vanilla "hardcore"), crossover, Youth Crew, powerviolence, "ENTOMBEDCORE", whatever the fuck Converge is... shit is diverse!

But yeah. I guess what I'm getting at is when someone says "hardcore", it's pretty fucking unspecific.
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