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Hmm. Other than a few cool additions (which are definitely welcome), that's pretty similar to what they did here back in early 2010. I love Ov Fire, but I think it's a pretty shitty opening song. And Lucifer is just... weird for a closer. I remember everybody going crazy and moshing for Chant, then just stood around awkwardly while they finished with Lucifer. It just kind of throws off the mood, y'know? Although it was cool to see Nergal come out in that fucking beast of a mask. Behemoth are really one of the only bands that manage to dress up tastefully and maintain ultimate badassery.

As for me, my biggest gripe is that one of, if not my most, favorite Behemoth songs is Daimonos. AND IT IS THE PERFECT OPENER. Why they don't play it at the beginning, let alone EVER, frustrates the hell out of me.
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