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Originally Posted by sarsip View Post
I missed Heroik. Borealis wasn't my bag. However, the hairdos and the drinking tube on the mic stand were pretty funny.

Saxon did the same set as Detroit. However, there were two substitutions. They played Hell and Back Again instead of This Town Rocks and Play It Loud instead of And The Bands Played On.

The show was really great! Saxon hasn't played Montreal since 1987. Biff said they would return sooner than 24 years for the next show. I'll hold him to it! The new songs are really good. I am certainly going to buy the new record!!

Heroik were not bad, quite standard power metal, with competent playing. However, the singer, which has a good voice, should practice his interaction with the crowd cause he sounded quite amateur, didn't seem to know what to say between the songs.

Borealis were very good. They only played around 30 minutes, which means about 6 songs. Too bad for them, the sound was far to be excellent...
As far as I remember, they played these songs, all from the new CD: Finest Hour (show opener), Regeneration, Forgotten Forever, Where We Started, Breaking The Curse, Also, Words I Failed To Say or Fall From Grace were in the set I think.

The Detroit setlist from shows that Saxon played Surviving Against The Odds. If it's true, that song was surely not played in Montreal yesterday.

The Saxon guys gave a great performance in front of a very noisy crowd of about 350-400 I'd say. They often had a big smile in their faces, so they must have appreciated, even though the stage at the Foufounes is really cramped (Biff said: Oh, it's a very small stage!!), no room at all to have the big Saxon flag as background, which was too bad.

Good setlist, but I'd have liked to get Batallions Of Steel like some other cities got.

But getting Saxon to play in the province of Quebec after 24 years was just so great that I can't complain. I spoke to a lot of fans who were very happy to finally see Saxon live for the 1st time. And the band did not disappoint.
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