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Originally Posted by x-voltage View Post
I'm going to try to post about 2 songs each day. These are my 50 all time favorite metal songs as of right now.

#50. Anthrax- Indians

I'm 21 now and I started listening to metal when I was about 9 years old. I first got into thrash, mainly the big 4. Anthrax is my second favorite of the big 4 behind Metallica and Among the Living is one of the best thrash albums in my opinion. This is my favorite track off of that album. It has a great verse riff and a heavy metal section. And who doesn't headbang when Scott Ian screams WAR DANCE!!!!!!
Great song

If you see Anthrax live and you don't immediately start headbanging or moving in some way after Scott screams "WARDANCE!!!" you should be thrown out of the venue and denied access to any further Anthrax shows for the rest of your life
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