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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
Rigor Mortis is a band who if they didn't open for Vio-lence I would have probably never heard of. I saw them on my concert ticket opening the show and I went out and bought their album just to see if they were worth checking out. I was obsessed with this album for 2 weeks straight. Loved the whole thing. Couldn't wait to see them live and made sure I was standing in front of the guitarist because I had to see with my own eyes if he could actually play that fast. I literally couldn't believe my eyes. One of my favorite opening acts ever and the fact I got to party with them after their set and before Vio-lence made this show one of my favorites of all time.

I didn't find out that was the same guitarist in Ministry until I actually saw them live and recognized him. I didn't know the other dude is in GWAR until GarageMetal posted it in his link. I always wondered what happened to these guys and cool to see some recent clips of them playing popping up. I added a 2nd clip I found which is really cool.

#37 - Rigor Mortis - Demons

This is a live clip from a DVD called The Birth of Dallas/Fort Worth Underground Metal with Phil singing with Rigor Mortis. Has anyone seen this dvd? I'm sure I'd love it.

Phil Anselmo with RM

Excellent choice, that self titled debut is a classic that will go down in history as one of the best thrash albums of all time!

As of now, RM are only playing shows around Texas for whatever reason. I'm really hoping they tour the U.S. though, I'd be there in a heartbeat if it came anywhere near the midwest.
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