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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
TOP 35!

A song that will never get old. I had never heard Kreator but was a huge Sodom fan and often heard them mentioned together. I decided to pick up the Flag of Hate EP since it was $2.99 used at Record and Tape Traders.

Back in the day EP's were a great way to check out new metal cheap. Yeah my "had to walk uphill 2 miles to school" tale is more like before the internet we had to buy albums based on 3 things. 1) Song Titles 2) Album Artwork & 3) The pics of the band on the back cover. The 1st 2 songs were ok but song 3 grabbed me by the throat and I went out and bought Pleasure to Kill the next day.

Little did I know this song would get better and better with every listen. Nothing cooler than playing that Sons of Anarchy (The Lost and Damned) expansion pack for GTA4 and walking in the biker clubhouse and hearing this song playing. One of the coolest "easter egg" type gaming moments for me. Deicide - Dead by Dawn afterwards floored me actually. Someone at Rockstar knows their shit...

#35 - Kreator - Awakening of the Gods

That song was in GTA4 holy shit!! Yea someone does have some good taste. I think Bathory's "Call From The Grave" was on there too.

But yea Awakening of the Gods is a fucking masterful epic. Just 7 minutes of death and riffs and the intro just sets the whole thing up perfect.
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