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Originally Posted by illuminatus917 View Post
Has anyone heard their new album?
Yea, it's excellent. They pretty much did away with the melodic nature of Biochemterrorism, but they make up for it with complete aggression. It's basically in the same style as Inhumanization, but with way better production and I think superior song writing. One of my favorite albums of the year actually, and while I love Biochemterrorism, I think it's probably the most solid all around Goatpenis release. I'm actually surprised they only played two songs off of it, but two on the set (Bellum Contra and Dunkel Himmel)I have not heard, and I'm pretty familiar with their discography so unless they are some old demo tracks, I'm guessing new material.

Also apparently this show is being released on DVD,possible as part of the remixed Biochemterrorism CD, and the soundboard may appear on a live LP.
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